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Dr. Jain’s View on ASRM Statement on Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is an experimental procedure, a position I share with the ASRM. However no one should scare or deny women the choice to make an informed decision about their genetic legacy.

According to more recent data than those ASRM is using— presented at major scientific meetings and published in reputable journals — egg freezing success rates have significantly increased in the past 3 years. Thus, to recommend delaying pregnancy to a point later in life will only mean increased risk of birth defects and loss of fertility potential.

As with any medical breakthrough, there must be an experimental phase leading to successful implementation. During this phase it is paramount that patients be properly informed about the risks, benefits and alternatives of the technology.

It is estimated that 100,000 births are needed to determine true safety. But the reality is, as many women are preserving their eggs for future use, we may not reach this number for more than a decade— too late for any woman currently over 30.

To read more about the study I did on egg freezing, read more here:

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