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Why I Froze My Eggs

Newsweek magazine recently ran a story on egg freezing. The story chronicled the experience of the author, Rachel Lehmann-Haupt, who underwent a cycle of egg freezing in New York. Like many professional women she chose to delay having children in order to pursue her career.

In the article, she comments on many important aspects of egg freezing including improvements in egg freezing technology, safety issues, and the fact that freezing eggs does not guarantee a baby. She also points out the very real profit motivation of some companies that offer egg freezing. It should be noted that less than 5% of all fertility specialists offering egg freezing can claim a scientific publication or even the birth of one baby from a frozen egg.

Being an informed consumer is critical. Women should seek advice from fertility specialists who have demonstrated expertise in the field of cryopreservation and who have a track record of scientific publications and births from frozen eggs. To learn which questions to ask your doctor, please visit click on the following link: Egg Freezing Overview – Questions To Ask

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