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Us Weekly Magazine, Nicole Kidman’s Fertility Secret

The October 13th issue of US Weekly reports that Nicole Kidman claims she overcame infertility last year after swimming in the waterfalls of Kununurra, Australia. Could there really be a connection between fertility and water?

When US Weekly asked for my opinion, I told them that I hadn’t heard of anyone increasing their chances of pregnancy by swimming, but the water could have a calming effect, helping one to be centered. Overall health and well-being is important in supporting the body while undergoing fertility treatments. At Egg Freezing Center and Santa Monica Fertility Specialists, we realize the importance of being centered in mind and body. We offer a MindBodyWellness program that is committed to providing exceptional holistic services that promote overall health and well-being. By supporting the body and calming the mind with our restorative programs, we help women achieve a balanced, harmonious state, enhancing the effectiveness of traditional medical treatments.


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