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Advanced Maternal Age: Pregnancy Over 50

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I always looked at the end: I’m going to have a child at the end.”

Tracy Kahn, age 51, just underwent donor IVF and is now happily pregnant with her second child. After having her first child Scarlett, age 2, also conceived through donor egg, she felt her family was incomplete. This is where fertility assistance can really be helpful. After several natural attempts, she knew it was time to pursue different options. Using a donor egg increases older women’s chances of getting pregnant, from 4.9% to 49.0% – this is what helped Kahn to get pregnant again.

“Kahn said she tells her friends that without a donor egg she ‘never would have had Scarlett.’”

While pregnancy in one’s 40’s or 50’s is rare, it is no longer unique. More and more women are putting off child bearing to get an education and work on their career. This creates little room for being pregnant, breastfeeding and raising a family. Once women are stable and have the means to support a child, they may be older and find they do not get pregnant as easily. This is where IVF and donor egg can help.

“I ended up with the most amazing daughter”

Fertility treatments have vastly improved over the past few years, which are allowing older women to conceive and have healthy children into their 50’s. And although there are distinct health requirements, more and more women are pursuing the route of IVF with donor egg. If one takes care of themself, and stays fit and healthy, the odds go up even more. Some women feel that waiting has helped them to be better parents, both financially as a provider, and emotionally, as they are better equipped to handle all of the challenges parenthood has to offer. Each person has to do what’s right for them and their family.

Today women have more options than ever to create the family they want. At Santa Monica Fertility we honor the whole person, their health, their desires and their journey. Feel free to call us for more information about fertility – we are always available to answer your questions and help you on your path to parenthood.


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