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Developing New Approaches: Healthy Eggs & IVF

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The article by Dr.Wells and Dr.Patrizio continues an important trend aimed at identifying natural genetic processes involved with the production of healthy eggs. We have known for some time that the egg depends on the “nurse”  (cumulus) cells surrounding it for support and nourishment. If the cumulus is abnormal, eggs develop poorly leading to potentially abnormal embryos, chromosomally, infertility and miscarriage.

In the following article, two genes associated with healthy eggs have been identified. In the future, cumulus cells may be used to select the most promising egg and with further research, ways to improve cumulus function in order to promote the growth of more healthy eggs may be discovered.

The senior author, Dr. Dagan Wells of Oxford University collaborates with Dr. Jain on a variety of research projects aimed at deciphering egg quality and identifying cancer genes within the egg.

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