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If you are trying to conceive and are planning on doing or prepping for an in vitro fertilization cycle, you may be wondering what foods to eat, what things you can do to prepare, and how much exercise you should be doing. As exercise can either be a stressor or a stress reliever, it can affect women differently.

Most fertility doctors, which are reproductive endocrinoligsts, will say that exercise does not affect the outcome of IVF. If you are already starting the medication portion of your IVF cycle, then it is best to avoid certain types of movements, such as twisting and lifting heavy objects, and some exercises like yoga or weight lifting. Straining the core muscles can twist fallopian tubes that are supporting growing eggs and heavier ovaries than usual, and patients can risk torsion and damage their reproductive system.

And what about the phase leading up to IVF and before IVF medications? That is a good time to keep things going as they were before, not making any radical changes, with a few minor exceptions. If you were a tri-athlete, or an over-exerciser, you may want to consider reducing the strain on your system so there can be more energy available to your reproductive system. How often, and to what extent, you are exercising is something you should ask your fertility doctor and fertility health care provider. If you have any questions about how to prep for your upcoming IVF cycle, feel free to call us at Santa Monica Fertility – we are always happy to help!


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