How Many Embryos During IVF?

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blue-eggAlthough some women want to have many children right away, and having two at the same time can seem appealing, having multiples comes with some risk. If you are doing IVF (in vitro fertilization), or planning on doing IVF, the question of how many embryos to transfer will come up, and the decision regarding multiple pregnancies will become a reality.

Many women and intended parents will be guided to transfer one embryo and doing an SET – a single embryo transfer. Transferring a single embryo comes with less risk to the woman and to the potential child. If a woman has certain health issues, it is wise to avoid exacerbating them with potentially having a multiple pregnancy, whether it is uterine factor or high blood pressure.

But are there are patients who would still benefit from transferring more than one embryo? Women who have had failed IVF cycles or women who are using their own eggs who are over a certain age range may want to consider transferring more than one, although this decision should be guided by your doctor and fertility expert. Once you have all of the information, listen to your doctor and listen to your intuition.

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