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Food choices and Fertility

The news is out abut sugar and certain meats affecting male factor infertility, but what about poultry?And does it matter if it’s organic? According to a recent study, eating chicken may actually help increase male fertility, and that can effect whether a couple gets pregnant whether they’re doing IVF or TTC (trying to conceive) naturally on their own.

The study was published in August this year by Fertility & Sterility, the leading journal publishing studies on the latest efforts to learn about fertility and reproductive medicine. While processed meats where shown to hinder IVF success (consumers achieving only a 54% fertilization rate vs an 82% rate in men who ate less), the opposite was the case with poultry, with success rates climbing from 65% to 78% fertilization rate.

And if you are on the fence about going organic, the answer is yes – start now, if it is at all possible. Hormones, antibiotics and pesticides make their way down the food chain and into our stomachs by way of consuming “non-organic” plants and animal products, so better to be safe and chose the healthiest, cleanest choice available, especially when it come to animal products like chicken. (Men who ate a diet loaded with pesticides have shown a 10% decrease in sperm count in some studies). If we truly are what we eat, best to consume the highest quality substances in order to build the healthiest body and baby possible!


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