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For years couples and intended parents who want to have children but needed a sperm donor have been able to access sperm banks in the U.S. and California in order to bring a healthy, happy child into the world and make their family complete. But what about couples or intended parents who need a donor egg in order to conceive and have the child they want?

An egg bank, the genetic equivalent to a sperm bank, is now one of the top ways couples or women with ovulatory disorders, premature ovarian failure, sub-egg quality or advanced maternal age, are conceiving and having healthy, happy children of their own. Many donor egg banks have frozen donor eggs from candidates that have been screened actually much more than donor sperm banks, creating healthy options for women and men trying to have children through IVF – in vitro fertilization. Donor egg banks also have access to fresh eggs that can be used in an IVF cycle right away.

With the newest technologies of vitrification, studies have shown that women who receive frozen donor eggs are just as likely to have a baby as women given fresh donor eggs. This is great news for women who want to do IVF but do not want to have to synchronize their cycle with the egg donor in the process of getting pregnant, which is much less stress on the intended parent, both biologically and emotionally – two things you want lower when you are TTC (trying to conceive) as stress DOES impact one’s ability to conceive and carry a healthy pregnancy to term.  Prospective mother can benefit greatly in this way by having less stress, and a much higher chance of haing a baby, and more quickly.

If you have questions about out donor egg bank and how to increase your chances of conceiving a healthy baby, feel free to call us anytime! Or click here for more information.iStock_000004549412XSmall

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