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What You Need to Know About Egg Donation Compensation

Becoming an egg donor is a big decision, and there are many various reasons why a person might choose to go through this process. Many women are drawn to egg donation because it allows them to give another family a life-changing gift. Other women do it as an empowering way to use their fertility without […]

Couples & Fertility Help: Valentine’s Day Survival Tips

As a day associated with passionate love and romance, Valentine’s Day often sparks stress in couples who are trying to conceive or seeking fertility help. Couples undergoing fertility treatment often see expectant couples at this time of year and cringe, wondering and hoping. Worse yet, they wonder, how can I feel romantic this Valentine’s Day […]

My Personal Story with Becoming a Surrogate

I have been a Surrogate twice now; trust me when I say this… Contrary to what some may believe there are a whole lot of people out there who take great pleasure in helping others in many different ways. In my case, I wanted to give something to another that brought me the most joy. […]

Frozen or Fresh Donor Eggs: The True Story

Have you been considering using donor eggs for an IVF cycle but you just don’t know where to start? It can feel daunting to know what next best step to take without understanding all of your options. At Santa Monica Fertility, we are experienced in a range of options and we love to counsel our […]

At Home Fertility Tests

With infertility on the rise, more and more couples are wanting to test their fertility. And who wants to go to a doctor’s office when they can test their eggs, hormones or sperm at home? Current technology is allowing more and more people to do that, even if you don’t think you have infertility or […]

Should You Genetically Test Your Egg?

As a woman ages, her eggs are more prone to genetic chromosomal abnormalities. These abnormalities may sometimes lead to increased age-related infertility, miscarriages and birth defects. The most common cause is age. When a woman is over 4o these chances are increased and it may be healthier for the child, and the mother, to use […]

The Future of Fertility Treatment: The Nuclear Transfer

With infertility disorders increasing within the United States, and around the world, more and more people people are opting to utilize Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in order to conceive. This has been happening for decades now in the U.S., however third party or third person IVF is new. But […]

Can Clomid Help You Get Pregnant?

Clomid, or Chlomiphene Citrate, is a very popular fertility medication taken by many women who are trying to conceive (TTC). It is easy to take. Clomid is almost always taken orally, in tablet form, to improve and regulate the quality and timing of ovulation, and to help increase the chance of pregnancy. It is also […]

Dealing with Fertility Depression

Many women in their twenties, thirties, forties and even fifties look forward to trying for a child, and think nothing will hold them back from their dreams of being a mother. However, about 1 in 6 people now will struggle to become pregnant with a healthy child, leaving many women and men frustrated, and often […]

Winter Fertility Tips

It’s been pretty cold out (well, for Los Angeles, California), and that means there is a lot of staying in, cuddling up on the couch while it rains out, and hopefully relaxation. That could be a good thing for couples who are trying to conceive. So what are some things that couples can do to […]

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