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Infertility Tip: Eat Like You’re Pregnant, Before You’re Pregnant

It is tempting to think that you can let healthy eating worries go to the wind when you start trying to get pregnant. People say, “you’ll be eating for two soon, so just eat what you want.” However, research shows that it is very important to eat healthily while you are trying to conceive. During this […]

Eating Healthy While TTC: Simple Spring and Summer Meals

With the weather warming up, it’s time to pack a picnic lunch, load up the kayak on a Sunday afternoon, and fall in love with your partner again. If you are preparing to start a family and are trying to conceive (TTC), you may have been told by your doctor to make sure you’re eating healthy […]

Infertility Stress Management Tips

One of the most frustrating parts of coping with infertility is dealing with the assumption of friends and family members that you are “just too stressed out about the baby thing,” or that your high stress lifestyle is somehow contributing to infertility. “Move out of the city,” they say. “Quit your job. Relax. Stay at home all day.” […]

Aromatherapy: Essential Oils for Fertility

Since before the time of Cleopatra, people have been using plant resins and flower oils for adornment, to balance emotions, and to enhance health. Using aromatherapy to support fertility treatments is becoming increasingly popular. The practice of aromatherapy is based on many traditional uses of natural plant oils and plant resins, including age old favorites like […]

Women’s Vitamin D Levels Play Role in IVF Success

Women with sufficient Vitamin D levels were twice as likely to get pregnant than those with Vitamin D deficiency. Make sure you check your Vitamin D levels and consider getting a little sunshine (and eggs or salmon) every day! Read about the studies here…

Meet Doctor of Acupuncture, Virginia Prior

Virginia Prior offers fertility-focused acupuncture which has been fine tuned by her expert knowledge of acupuncture, western medicine, nutrition, meditation and herbal medicine. Fertility-focused acupuncture helps women achieve radiant health, both for themselves and their future children.

Food & Fertility

Eating right and good nutrition are immensely important whether you are trying to conceive or not. Read a guest blog entry all about proper nutrition, written by Virginia Prior, Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Yoga: A Tool For Stress & Fertility

Women are turning to yoga to increase their chances of conceiving — and some swear by the effects of the recent trend, saying the ancient art of yoga mixed with modern science helped them start their families.

Fertility Clinics Begin to Address Mental Health

Fertility experts are increasingly finding that emotional health is an integral part of a patient’s journey through infertility. Read how many fertility clinics like ours now offer emotional and mental health services to their clients.

Massage Therapy May Promote Fertility

Massage therapy helps reduce anxiety, pain, headaches, insomnia and other stress related symptoms. It also aids circulation, helps with detoxification and enhances relaxation.

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