Dealing with Sex during Infertility

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What could be more romantic than baby-making, hot, sizzling sex? You and your partner decide you are ready to start a family. You throw away the birth control, have a romantic evening together and the rest of the night is history.  But it doesn’t happen. Okay, so despite what your parents told you, usually one roll in the hay may not be enough to get you knocked up. And, unfortunately, by the time many couples have started medical treatment to help them conceive, their personal life may already be deeply effected. What was once a romantic exercise has become a stressful, perfunctory experience associated with failure.

Both partners may feel emotional strain, stress, pressure, fear, anxiety and guilt. This not only effects people’s sexual performance, causing erectile dysfunction in men and women, but may also effect personal relationships and behavior. This is normal, and for some couples very difficult to work through. Psychologists who specialize in reproductive health and family building recommend high doses of empathy and being gentle with yourself, and your partner. If that is not enough – ask for help. Infertility counselors, sex therapists and even other emotionally balancing activities like yoga and acupuncture can help balance emotions and restore confidence and inner peace, in the midst of a long and frustrating journey. Taking care of your relationship, as well as your bodies and minds, can be healing, supportive and the connection you need to carry you on your path to parenthood.

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