Donor Oocyte Pregnancies and Self Oocyte Pregnancies

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Despite being older, or what doctors are calling “Advanced Maternal Age,” women who conceive using donor oocytes (eggs) are not at a more increased risk of obstetric complications, apart from those related to increased maternal age, as women using their own oocytes at a younger age.

Today the number of couples conceiving with the use of donor eggs is increasing.  Recent studies show that women who used donor eggs are typically older and generally have a higher blood pressure than women using their own oocytes.  Overall, however, the study revealed that there was no difference in type of delivery, hypertension, or hemorrhage. The most recent studies also showed no fetal hemolytic disease of the new-born.

Although the overall numbers were small, the audits of the research showed that births from donor oocytes did not appear to have any increased risk of obstetric complications than those of advanced maternal age.

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