Egg Donation Helping Women to Conceive After Forty

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image-darkEgg donation allows many women who are in their forties to become pregnant, even when they lack eggs of their own. It also helps women who are trying to conceive who may have been told they have advanced maternal age, poor quality eggs, premature ovarian failure or diminished ovarian reserve. In addition to fresh donor eggs, frozen donor eggs offer additional flexibility and savings during the egg donation process. Frozen eggs allow for easier cycle planning, and may be a good alternative as they are available immediately, and from a variety of donors.

Our pregnancy rates from frozen eggs are comparable to the national rates reported for fresh donor eggs. The Donor Egg Bank at Santa Monica Fertility is widely known for offering patients the highest quality eggs from carefully selected, proven donors. Quality, as well as our great diversity within our donors, helps us to help our patient’s specific needs – our goal is to help each woman find a donor who is the right match for her. We offer prospective parents access to a wealth of information about fresh or frozen egg donation to help them make this important decision. And our Donor Coordinator is committed to helping parents select their ideal donor from our donor egg bank.

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