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With one in eight couples having trouble getting pregnant now, more and more people are talking about infertility and trying to conceive. And although most people would not consider what Kim Kardashian or any celebrity does with their life “news”, what is happening now can be very helpful for those who are struggling with something very real and important – the struggle to have a family. This is something that most people feel is their god-given right, and when it doesn’t happen, it can be devastating. For the millions of women facing fertility issues, it can be something of a comfort to see that even the most glamorous, famous women aren’t exempt from the same struggles. Many women on the journey towards conception and family can relate to Kardashian and the vulnerability she experiences with sharing her thoughts, emotions and struggle within family building, while others do not want to know about other’s challenges. The path to parenthood is such a unique, individual and personal story, and the key may be doing what is best for you and your future and letting the rest go.

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