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Complete Fresh Egg Donor Cycle $22,500*
Complete Frozen Egg Donor Cycle $9,750*

* Excludes intended parent medications and legal representation


Several times in the last couple weeks I’ve had patients that told me they were pleasantly surprised to find out how affordable IVF with Donor Eggs can be. Because of this I’ve been inspired to focus this week’s blog topic on “Making Fertility Affordable.” As couples tread into the depths of infertility treatment there’s a barrage of confusing information all over the internet about different prices, rates, and procedures. The world of medical bills is just too unpredictable- there are many couples who stress and agonize about how much they might have to pay for their fertility treatment.  I’m proud to be able to offer my clients financial packages- so they know exactly what they’re getting and at what price.

Our practice here at Santa Monica Fertility is also unique because in addition to the Reproductive Technologies that we offer, we also have a Frozen Donor Egg Bank to help our patients that are infertile due to poor egg quality. We offer two types of Donor Egg services to our patients: Fresh Donor Eggs, and Frozen Donor Eggs.

We have also recently begun working with Spring Stone Patient Financing to help our clients in need of flexible financial options. Feel free to call us about these package rates, and any questions you have about making your fertility affordable.

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