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couple inhalingWhen there is unexplained infertility, or both male and female fertility issues, it is important to take a deeper look at the numbers and see what is really going on. Sometimes the best move is to move on from an obgyn to an RE, or a Reproductive Endocrinologist, a fertility specialist, as most obgyn’s do not focus on fertility but rather check-ups, routine visits and care, labor and delivery. When there is both male and female factor suspected, then a male fertility doctor is important to consult as well. Going to a fertility clinic can help solve this issue. At the very least, intended parents need to get a semen analysis while on this path to parenthood and get things moving along.  All too often people wait or don’t get enough answers from the doctor that they are currently seeing who may not have the proper information or tools to help one conceive more quickly.

Age is actually one of the most significant causes of infertility in the modern western world, and for women it is the biggest cause of infertility. Fertility drops in women’s 30’s and by their forties the average women has about a 5% chance of conceiving. But what about men? People forget about men, and people forget that men have issues related to age, too. A man’s chances of getting pregnant can drop significantly in his thirties, and by his forties there is also a dramatic shift, and an increased risk of having a child with a health issue, or developing autism, etc.

If you or your partner are over the age of 35 and have been TTC (trying to conceive) for 6 months with no success, it may be time to see your fertility specialist, together. Although women have more complex systems, it’s a good idea for both male and female partners go together to see a fertility specialist. Contrary to popular belief, it is not always the women’s health issue that is causing a delay in conception. If you are not using a donor egg or donor sperm, get checked out! Together you can get more information more quickly and make a better, more informed choice on your path to pregnancy and parenthood.

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