Sixteen Year Old Freezes Eggs before Chemotherapy

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Sixteen year old McKindree Patton was not thinking about freezing her eggs before undergoing chemotherapy, but freezing her eggs did allow this brave young woman to look into the future. Patton was diagnosed with a rare bone marrow condition at age 12. The decision to freeze her eggs became a shift and it helped her start looking at her life and her situation differently – this could end and change, and she may be in a place where she wants to become a mother. And now, that chance is much greater.

A friend of McKindree’s who went through a similar process confessed that she regretted not having enough time to collect and store her eggs, and at that moment McKindree decided it was the best thing to do. Angel Mamas, a non-profit organization benefiting children with illnesses, raised $5,000 on Facebook in three days, helping the family pay for McKindrees egg retrieval and get her on her way to healing. Egg freezing is such a fantastic tool for not only women who wish to prolong motherhood but for those who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment, or other treatments that may effect egg quality and fertility now and in the future.

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