The Value of Egg Donation in Fertility Treatment

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What is egg donation? Why do some women decide to use donor eggs? Why do some women chose to donate their eggs?

One woman describes her journey in becoming an egg donor, and the value of egg donation for families today. Despite her thought that donors are twenty-something college drop-outs, after struggling to survive in San Francisco, she started to talk with her friends about egg donation and realized that it was something she may want to do too, wondering that part of her purpose might be to help someone whom she has never met create a family of his or her own?

With the reality of being a broke post-grad, she started to do some research of her own and her story is fascinating. Many people don’t realize how streamlined the process is with psychological screening, tests and the process of physically donating, the actual egg-donating procedure is relatively painless and takes only about 30 minutes. For about three weeks prior there is hormonal preparation  for the egg retrieval.

Not knowing if she will ever want to have children herself someday, if she does have children in the future, she feels she would proudly tell them that when their mother was in college she had the opportunity to help a family create their miracle baby, and that for her, that’s one benefit that outweighs any risk.

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