What’s My Chance of Having a Baby?

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What is your chance of having a baby via IVF? What is the best predictor?

There is a ton of variation when it comes to who and who does not get pregnant with IVF, ranging from 30-50% with women under 35, all the way down to 4% for women over 42. Certainly age, pregnancy history, health issues, test results and whether you are going to use a donor egg or your own egg all factor into your chances of conceiving, and now a scientist from the UK has created a tool to help those who are trying to conceive.

The IVF Predictor calculator.

This model may give a more accurate prognosis, but the president of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology recommends using a model based on data from U.S. clinics because protocols and success rates vary worldwide, with the United States having some of the highest success rates.

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