Why Inflammation Is Good For You

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canstockphoto2311526-(1)Everyone is talking about inflammation. Systematic inflammation, chronic inflammation, toxic inflammation. What we all tend to forget during the conversation is that inflammation is, at it’s root, a good thing. Inflammation is what helps bring nutrients to cells that are trying to recover.

But what causes inflammation? Isn’t it a natural reaction to something disfunctioning in your body? Isn’t it the body’s natural ability to heal itself? Yes, inflammation brings blood flow, nutrients and healing effects to the offended tissue, be it caused by a trauma, toxicity or lack of nutrition. Yes, inflammation is a good thing. But it’s about appropriateness. Dirt is a bad thing, if it’s in the house; if it’s in the garden, it’s a good thing. It’s about context, along with levels and types of inflammation. When it’s out of control and is no longer healing the cells it is trying to heal, then it can be destructive. But don’t forget, without inflammation we would not be able to heal ourselves. Our bodies have an innate ability to heal themselves. That wisdom is born in the concept of inflammation.

What can cause inflammation to linger or spiral out of control? Certain foods, such as processed foods or sugary foods, acid-forming foods, and some would argue GMO foods. Foods that promote the growth of candida, such as sugar and carbohydrates, can also fuel the fire of ongoing inflammatory conditions. Excitotoxins such as MSG and aspartate (an artificial sweetener) can also wreak havoc on the body’s defense system and promote inflammation in some individuals. Certain nutritional deficiencies can also contribute to chronic inflammation, like Vitamin B and Vitamin D deficiency. Beyond things we put in our body, the things we experience can also contribute to inflammation, such as being overweight or feeling chronic anxiety or depression.

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All of these epigenetic and lifestyle factors are things that we can control, to a certain extent. We can usually control what we put in our mouth, and what we are exposed to. If we can’t, there are a variety of health care professionals available to help. For anxiety and depression, there are tools we can implement to ease the chronic stress of life, such as exercise, acupuncture, meditation, connecting with others, and rest. If we can increase the positive and healthy activities and choices in life, we can avoid becoming one the the people that is attacked and taken down by chronic inflammation, avoiding hormonal, reproductive and long-term health issues that require more acute lifestyle interventions down the road. An ounce of prevention…

If you have any questions about how to modify your lifestyle to optimize your fertility, feel free to call us at Santa Monica Fertility. Our unique fertility practice is here to help you prepare to have a healthy, happy baby, with your physical and emotional well-being at the utmost importance. Call us today with any questions you might have!



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