Cost of Frozen Donor Eggs

Cost of Frozen Donor Eggs

Cost of Frozen Donor Eggs

The issue of egg banking cost and the price of a donor cycle are important topics to discuss prior to making a fertility treatment decision. At the Donor Egg Bank at Santa Monica, we ensure patients have full access to all pricing information at their consultation. There are no hidden costs that might interfere with responsible financial planning. Fortunately, using frozen donor eggs is one of the most financially viable options for many patients.

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Frozen vs. Fresh Donor Egg Cost Comparison

Using a batch of 6 frozen donor eggs is much less costly than undergoing a full egg donation cycle and easier to use since there is no need to synchronize the cycles of the donor and recipient. Frozen eggs lead to pregnancy rates of approximately 55%. Its is important to note that, because of Dr.Jain’s advanced technique for preserving eggs, the treatment success rate with frozen eggs is close to the rate seen with fresh eggs. Our frozen batch prices include 6 or more eggs, donor compensation and medication and all the fertility services needed to create and ultimately transfer embryos. Parent medication and legal costs associated with the egg donation process are assessed separately. Our center is pleased to recommend patients to the Springstone Patient Financing and United Medical Credit institutions for affordable financing if needed. Below is a cost comparison:

  • Complete Fresh Egg Donor Cycle $29,800
  • Complete Frozen Egg Donor Cycle $19,500

Does Your Medical Insurance Cover Fertility Treatment?

We encourage you to read your plan documents carefully to fully understand your coverage. Our office will submit claims to your insurance company on your behalf and our billing manager is available to help you understand all the financial aspects of your treatment so there are no surprises. Please feel free to contact us at (866) 991-1990 to learn more about any aspect of donor egg treatment, including the cost of banking your eggs.

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