Frozen Donor Eggs at Santa Monica Fertility

Frozen Donor Eggs at Santa Monica Fertility

Women who are not good candidates for IVF using their own eggs are often still able to carry a healthy pregnancy to term with the assistance of an egg donor. Selecting eggs from a frozen egg bank can reduce the wait time, as well as lower the costs of fertility treatment.

Why Is a Frozen Egg Bank Often a Preferred Option?

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Fresh donor eggs were once considered the best option for IVF. However, today’s technology permits the use of frozen eggs with results comparable to nationally reported success rates for fresh eggs. In fact, using frozen donor eggs is now proving to be a very attractive option for women seeking to become pregnant quickly. There are a number of benefits to consider:

  • Recipients can choose immediately from a variety of available donors who have already donated their eggs
  • There are no delays due to scheduling conflicts or unexpected lack of availability of a selected donor
  • There is no need to synchronize the cycles of the donor and recipient
  • Cycle cancellations are rare

There are additional financial advantages to using available eggs from frozen egg banks. The cost of a batch of frozen eggs is approximately half the cost of a traditional fresh egg donation cycle. Although cost is not the only determinant, it is often an important barrier to overcome in making fertility treatments available for more women who want to be mothers.

Pros and Cons of a Frozen Egg Bank vs. Patient’s Own Eggs

What are the benefits and drawbacks of using a frozen donor egg compared to using one’s own eggs?

The main benefit of using donor eggs (fresh or frozen) compared to using the mother’s own eggs is that the chances of success are much higher. Patients who benefit the most from using donor eggs are typically women aged forty or older. By this age, the quality of the patient’s eggs is substantially reduced. This fact poses substantial fertility challenges by limiting the ability to retrieve enough viable eggs for IVF and increasing the chances of chromosomal problems. Donors are young women in good health, many of whom have successfully donated before with resulting live births.

An added benefit to using frozen egg bank eggs is that the recipient may have less need to go through preparatory procedures. For example, when a patient’s own eggs are not needed for IVF, she will not have to undergo the stimulation and retrieval process. With frozen donor eggs, less hormonal adjustment may be required to prepare for pregnancy since the recipient’s cycle does not have to match up with that of the donor.

The primary concern for recipients is that the mother will not be contributing to the genetic makeup of the embryo. Some patients place more importance on this factor than others, and the decision to use donor eggs is one that is never taken lightly. There is increasing evidence that the mother modifies the DNA of the fetus while pregnant. Such modifications likely contribute to important personality, cognitive and physical attributes.

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