Egg Bank Location

Egg Bank Location

Our Donor Egg bank is located in Santa Monica, California and headed by Dr. John Jain, a leading authority in fertility treatment with internationally recognized expertise in egg freezing. The facility’s laboratories are directed by Mary Francis, an Embryologist with over 20 years experience and with whom Dr.Jain did some of his first studies on egg freezing. Dr. James Stachecki, a world leader in innovative methods to freeze eggs, and Dr. Dagan Wells, Lab Director at Oxford University in England, collaborate closely with Dr. Jain to advance patient treatment and improve success. The processes developed using Dr. Jain’s research and used at our egg freezing center deliver the best results nationwide, with one of the highest pregnancy rates in the country for patients using frozen donor eggs.

Egg Storage and Handling at Our Egg Bank Location

egg bank location

The eggs we preserved at our Donor Egg Bank are kept in the best possible condition to maintain their viability. The stored eggs are closely monitored for correct and consistent  temperature to maintain  ideal storage parameters. The facility is protected with biometric controls and video surveillance to ensure all eggs are kept secure.

Correctly freezing eggs is only half the process. Proper handling in bringing the eggs back up to room temperature is also critical for success. When donor eggs are selected for use, they are thawed and fertilized following best practices for optimal results. Advanced technologies used to monitor, nurture, and screen fertilized eggs also promote the health and development of each embryo.

Egg Bank Location Details

Physical Address:  2825 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 100
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Phone toll-free: (866) 991-1990

Phone Direct: (310) 566-1470


Patients can view information about our available donors, including those with frozen eggs immediately available, in our database.

Click here to view our Donor Database

Delivery from Our Egg Bank Location Directly to Your Doctor

We understand that many patients appreciate the convenience of staying close to home during their fertility treatment. If you are already working with a reproductive endocrinologist in your local area, you can continue to do so while still ensuring that you have access to advantages such as:

  • Our panel of carefully selected, healthy, and highly sought after donors
  • Eggs that are frozen using the most modern vitrification technology, preserving the eggs in excellent condition to promote a high success rate for pregnancy and live birth
  • Shared egg donation programs that reduce your total expenses

Our Egg Freezing Center can ship your chosen donor eggs after fertilization anywhere in the world for use in your fertility treatment.

Alternatively, patients can be monitored locally by their doctor and come to Santa Monica for the embryo transfer process (sperm must be available five days prior, either fresh or frozen and shipped). To learn more and discuss the most convenient options for you, contact our office.

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