Egg Donor Qualifications at Santa Monica Fertility

Egg Donor Qualifications at Santa Monica Fertility

Basic qualifications to be an egg donor

  • Age 18-29
  • Good general health
  • BMI < 30 (not obese)
  • No sexually transmitted diseases within last 12 months
  • Non-smoker
  • Family history without significant health or hereditary issues
  • Not contractually obligated to donate to another agency
  • Not visited an area known to be active for the ZIKA virus in past 6 months

Legal aspects of egg donation

Egg donation is mostly done anonymously, meaning that the donor and intended parents do not know the identity of each other. To help match you with intended parents, we create an electronic profile which is posted on our website. The profile includes pictures and information about your health and family history. The profile is password protected and your name will never be used (please click here to see a sample profile).

Upon matching with an intended parent, you will be referred to an attorney who will represent you in the creation of a legal agreement between yourself, Santa Monica Fertility and the intended parent(s). This legal agreement is meant to protect the privacy of all parties and further outlines your compensation, duties and rights as an egg donor.

The Donor Egg Bank and Santa Monica Fertility conduct shared egg donation cycles. This type of cycles allows us to match you more easily with an intended parent. The eggs retrieved as part of your cycle will be assigned to more than one intended parent (shared) thus making it more economically feasible for couples to undergo egg donation while at the same time not creating an excessive number of embryos that may go unused.

Donor Compensation

Donors are compensated for their time and effort. First time donors typically receive $8000 in compensation whereas repeat donors receive more. Donors can donate every 3-4 months, but do have limits on the number of donations they can undergo in their lifetime. Compensation is provided at the time of egg retrieval.

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