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Become an Egg Donor at Santa Monica Fertility

Here’s why:

  • At $8,000 for first time Egg Donors, we offer the highest compensation on the market. And if you decide to become an egg donor again, the compensation increases to $10,000 and more for repeat egg donors.
  • When you become an Egg Donor there will never be any out of pocket expenses that you need to cover – ever. We pay all the screening, medical, insurance, your legal representation, and travel and parking costs.
  • You will only ever work with Dr Jain and his team here at Santa Monica Fertility Clinic. We will never ask you to undergo treatment at clinics that you don’t know and medical team that you haven’t met before. You will truly be in best hands in the industry and part of our SMF family.
  • We will assign you a nurse whose responsibility is to plan your cycle and support you throughout the egg donation journey – she will always be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. And if it’s after hours and urgent – our 24 hour on call nurse will be there to support you with anything you may need.
  • We only ever match our Egg Donors with our own Santa Monica Fertility patients; we screen our Intended Parents carefully and know them in and out. Egg Donation is an amazing gift and thanks to you, their hearts and their homes will be full.
  • Due to their positive and fulfilling experience most of our Egg Donors choose to donate eggs with us more than once and refer their friends too – for us – this is the best testimonial possible.


Qualifications to Become an Egg Donor

In order to be considered as an egg donation candidate at Santa Monica Fertility, you will need to meet some basic requirements. Qualifications to be an Egg Donor include:

  • Age 18-29
  • Good general health
  • BMI < 30 (not obese)
  • No sexually transmitted diseases within last 12 months
  • Non-smoker
  • Family history without significant health or hereditary issues
  • Not contractually obligated to donate to another agency

Egg Donor Compensation

Egg donors are compensated for their time and effort. First-time donors typically receive $8,000 in compensation, whereas repeat donors receive more. Donors can donate eggs every 3-4 months, but do have a limit on the number of donations they can undergo in their lifetime. Compensation is provided at the time of egg retrieval.

All costs associated with donating eggs, including insurance, all screening, travel, accomodation and any other costs – are covered by Santa Monica Fertility and you will never have any out of pocket expenses.

Steps to Becoming an Egg Donor at Santa Monica Fertility

  1. Fill out the online application form
    This form will be reviewed by one of our egg donation coordinators who will then contact you regarding your application.
  2. Consult with a doctor at Santa Monica Fertility
    You will have a phone or in-person appointment with a fertility specialist at Santa Monica Fertility, who will review your medical history in more detail, perform an ultrasound of your ovaries, and obtain blood for various medical and infectious disease screens.
  3. Consult with a psychologist and genetic counselor
    If your medical screening tests return normal, you will have a telephone interview with a psychologist, and then separately with a genetic counselor.
  4. Creation of an electronic donor profile
    We will create your profile once you pass all medical, psychological and genetic screening tests. We will ask you to provide photographs and may invite you to a professional photo shoot (at no cost to you, of course). Your profile will be password protected and shared with intended parents interested in choosing you as their donor.

Legal Considerations for Becoming an Egg Donor

Egg donation is mostly done anonymously, meaning that the donor and intended parents do not know the identity of each other. To help match you with intended parents, we create an electronic profile which is posted on our website. The profile includes pictures and information about your health and family history. The profile is password protected and your name or any other identifying information will never be used.

Upon matching with an intended parent, you will be referred to an attorney who will represent you in the creation of a legal agreement between yourself, Santa Monica Fertility, and the intended parent(s). This legal agreement is meant to protect the privacy of all parties and further outlines your compensation, duties and rights as an egg donor.

About Shared Egg Donation

Santa Monica Fertility conducts shared egg donation cycles. This type of cycle allows us to match you more easily with intended parent(s). The eggs retrieved as part of your cycle will be assigned to more than one intended parent (shared), thus making it more economically feasible for couples to undergo egg donation, while at the same time not creating an excessive number of embryos that may go unused.

Get Started Donating Your Eggs

If you feel that you meet all qualifications and wish to proceed with donating your eggs, please submit an online application to become an egg donor with Santa Monica Fertility. Once your application has been received, one of our egg donation agency coordinators will reach out to you.

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