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Santa Monica Fertility Frozen Donor Egg Bank / In House Donor Program

Donor Coordinator: Julie Webb
2825 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 100
Santa Monica, CA 90404
P: (310) 566-1470
F: (310) 566-1485

At our Donor Egg Bank at Santa Monica Fertility we have experts in house to help you have a healthy baby with the help of egg donation. If you do not see a donor that meets your needs, feel free to let us know your wish list – we work with a diverse range egg of donors and trusted agencies to find your perfect match.

We provide personalized service, and will help navigate so that you do not have to get caught up in the time consuming aspects of the process. Feel free to call us anytime if you have any questions about pregnancy with egg donation, or to schedule an appointment!

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Donor Egg Bank

Frozen Donor Egg Bank & Egg Donation Egg donation allows women to become pregnant even when they lack eggs of their own, or their eggs are of poor quality. In addition to fresh donor eggs, frozen donor eggs offer an alternative to traditional egg donation. Frozen eggs allow for ease in cycle planning and are immediately available from a variety of donors. Pregnancy rates from frozen eggs are comparable to the nationally published rates reported for fresh donor eggs.

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