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About Shared Egg Donation

Thank you for visiting Santa Monica Fertility to learn about shared egg donation. We are excited to offer this program to make donor eggs available at an affordable price, helping more families achieve their fertility treatment goals. Because many women are delaying motherhood until later in life in order to pursue other important life goals, we see many patients who are simply unable to conceive using their own eggs. As women age, the number and quality of their eggs drastically decline. The young women who participate as donors in our egg donation program provide young, high quality eggs that lead to high pregnancy rates and increase the chances of recipients having healthy babies.

Why Choose Shared Egg Donation?

With this type of donation, more than one set of prospective parents share the eggs provided by a donor during a single donation cycle. This approach to egg donation greatly reduces the expense for each recipient since costs are shared. For traditional non-shared cycles, the overall cost is $50,000 – $80,000. However, for shared cycles, fresh egg donor cycles start at approximately $29,800. These costs include donor agency fees, donor compensation, donor medication, donor screening, fertility monitoring, egg retrieval and necessary laboratory procedures. A shared cycle spreads the cost over more than one set of prospective parents, while maintaining the high pregnancy rates seen with traditional egg donation.

Results Are Outstanding with Shared Egg Donation

The live birth rate using a shared batch of donor eggs is approximately 70% per transfer, the same success rate seen by participants in traditional, non-shared egg cycles. If the first transfer fails, there is still an opportunity to move forward with a second attempt, further increasing the likelihood of success. The goal of a shared egg donation cycle is to provide at least two chances for pregnancy for each recipient.

At Santa Monica Fertility, the egg batch sizes start with eight fresh donor eggs per patient for each shared cycle. This number helps to ensure that a sufficient number of fresh and frozen embryos will be available for transfer. Based on the fertility goals of intended parent/s, the batch can be increased. Because live birth rates are very high with donor eggs, only one embryo is transferred per cycle (two if twins are desired). The remaining embryos are frozen for future use. If a first embryo transfer doesn’t lead to a live birth, a second transfer using a frozen embryo is included at no additional charge as part of the shared cycle fee as long as frozen embryos are available.

Frozen Donor Eggs – A New Way of Sharing

If shared egg donation is still out of reach for financial reasons, the use of frozen donor eggs offers another affordable option at approximately $19,500 per transfer cycle. There is 6 frozen eggs in a batch and the eggs are from the same carefully selected, high quality donors. Dr. Jain is an internationally recognized expert in the field of egg freezing, and Santa Monica Fertility has one of the highest success rates in the nation for IVF using eggs from our exclusive frozen donor egg bank.

To learn more about any aspect of shared egg donation, contact us or call our office at (310) 566 1470. We look forward to helping you create a family.

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