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We are committed to providing reproductive choices by combining innovative technology, accountability and quality personal care.

Innovations in Egg Freezing and Fertility Preservation

Embryo ICU

Our Embryo ICU embodies a unifying principle governing our facility: The value of individualized care. In our labs, the conditions under which each embryo develops are individually customized to optimize health and development. Our research focuses on the creation of optimal lab environments using nanotechnology and tissue engineering to better approximate the natural conditions of the human body.

Egg Freezing and Fertility Preservation

Our expertise in the field of egg freezing is unmatched. Dr. Jain conducted one of the earliest prospective egg freezing studies in North America yielding a birth rate comparable to that seen with frozen embryos- A significant accomplishment in 2005. He created the egg freezing program at USC, and he brings that resource to EFC.

The Donor Egg Bank

Dr. Jain helped pioneer the next generation of egg donation in which frozen donor eggs are used, in his role as medical consultant for the frozen donor egg program of The Donor Egg Bank. This application is now gaining widespread acceptance and use.

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