Financial Information

Do you have questions about financial considerations? We provide clear, concise information every step along the way.

What are the Costs at Santa Monica Fertility?

We understand that decisions regarding treatment may be influenced by financial concerns and we are aware how much additional stress this can cause you. For this reason we want to emphasize our willingness to discuss these issues with you openly at any time prior to or during your treatment. Before you begin, we will explain in detail all potential charges so that you can make appropriate financial plans.

You will also have a financial consultation with our billing manager that will take place on the same day as your initial consultation with the doctor. At this meeting, the billing manager will discuss the cost of the treatment(s) you are considering, and whether payment is to be scheduled in installments or due in full at the time of service.

If your insurance plan covers fertility care, we will be happy to help you bill your insurance company for reimbursement. The billing manager can assist you with important questions you will want to ask your insurance company regarding your coverage.

Our billing manager will be glad to answer any questions about the above issues or discuss any other concerns you may have regarding costs, payments, insurance coverage and reimbursements.

Financing available through Lending Club Patient Solution, Prosper Healthcare Lending & United Medical Credit.

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