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The Egg Freezing Center (EFC) is led by Dr. John Jain, an internationally recognized expert in egg freezing research with broad experience in all areas of fertility treatment.

Using Frozen Eggs for Pregnancy

Sperm collection (day of egg thawing)

Sperm is needed on the day of egg thawing. In order to optimize sperm quality, it is recommended that the male partner abstain from ejaculation for two to fivr days prior to providing the specimen. If frozen sperm is used, it should be delivered to the clinic prior to egg thawing.

Fertilization (day of egg thawing)

Sperm is injected directly into the egg (ICSI) to achieve fertilization. The eggs are checked the next day to determine which ones are fertilized. Fertilized eggs, now called embryos, are typically grown in the laboratory for two more days prior to transfer to the uterus.

All, or remaining embryos can be frozen here for transfer in the future.

Embryo transfer (one to three days after thawing)

The embryo transfer is a simple procedure performed by placing a soft catheter containing embryos through the cervix under ultrasound guidance. It does not require anesthesia, however, patients are given Valium to help relax the pelvic muscles. Patients are asked to arrive thirty minutes prior to embryo transfer and must remain in bed for 15-20 minutes following the transfer. Because of the medication, it is important that the patient arranges for a ride home.

Assisted hatching (day of transfer)

Assisted hatching is conducted in order to facilitate embryo hatching and implantation. This is accomplished by making a small hole in the outer shell of the embryo prior to embryo transfer.

Progesterone support (2-3 days prior to transfer)

The first progesterone suppository is placed in the vagina 2-3 days prior to the embryo transfer day. Patients then must use the suppositories three times a day until the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, or when a second blood pregnancy test comes back negative.

Pregnancy testing (day 10 and 12 after embryo transfer)

Blood is drawn on the morning of day 9 and day 12 following the transfer. You will be contacted later in the day with the results.

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