Dr. John Jain and his staff at Santa Monica Fertility specialize in helping couples all over the US enjoy the blessings of parenthood. The clinic maintains a high success rate despite the fact that it works with some of the most difficult infertility cases, from patients in Santa Monica and throughout the US. Many patients have been going to local doctors and clinics for years without having a successful pregnancy by the time they finally decide to see Dr. Jain at his clinic in Santa Monica, California (Los Angeles area). Other patients come to Dr. Jain as soon as they recognize fertility problems to maximize their chances of having a child while still in the child bearing years.

Patients come from all over the country to meet with Dr. Jain, and he and his staff are experienced at working with international patients. They take every effort to minimize travel, create a relaxing environment for the prospective parents, and do everything possible to promote success and comfort of each patient. Most consultations with Dr. Jain can be performed by phone, including initial consultations, the coordination of fertility medications, and prep work for more involved procedures.

Dr. Jain is a prize-winning endocrinologist and has over 20 years of academic and clinical experience. He is particularly noted internationally in the medical community for his work in complicated fertility procedures, such as those involving egg freezing, thank to his work creating the egg freezing program while on tenure at USC. His experience with the most complicated fertility procedures and his success against the odds have made him the chosen fertility doctor for thousands of couples in Los Angeles and throughout the US.

If you seek the knowledge and experience that Dr. Jain provides, please contact us to schedule an initial consultation at Santa Monica Fertility. Your future is waiting! At Santa Monica Fertility, we can help you find it.

If you live outside of Santa Monica, please let us know and we can set up an initial phone consultation.

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