Steps to Parenthood for Gay Men

The following are the major steps for gay men seeking parenthood

  • Speak to our coordinator to learn more about our available egg donors and surrogates and to gain access to our data bases.
  • Have a telephone or in-person consultation with our fertility specialist
  • Undergo directed donor screening (questionnaire, blood test and physical examination) and have your semen analyzed and possibly frozen
  • Review the egg donor data base, select a donor and retain the number of eggs needed to build your family
  • Plan the egg donation cycle with our nurse coordinators – you will need to be available to give a sperm specimen on the day of egg retrieval unless you have frozen sperm previously
  • Fertilize the eggs to create embryos – we can use one or more sources of sperm in the event that both partners want to be fathers
  • Embryos are frozen on the 5th day of development and can be used at any point in the future (they don’t go bad!)
  • If you wish to determine the sex of the embryos, they can be tested before freezing with a very high degree of accuracy
  • Identify a surrogate and participate in a match meeting to be sure she is the right one for you.
  • Execute the legal agreement with the surrogate
  • Decide on the number and sex of the embryos (if appropriate) to be thawed and transferred to the surrogate
  • Follow the pregnancy for the first 10 weeks at the fertility clinic and for the remainder of the pregnancy and delivery with the obstetrician
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