Shared Egg Donation Program at Santa Monica Fertility in California

Shared Egg Donation Program at Santa Monica Fertility in California

We understand that patients have choices in where to go to participate in a shared egg donation program. California has a number of clinics that offer this type of treatment. However, Santa Monica Fertility is consistently rated as one of the best places to turn for donor egg fertility treatment. Here are just a few reasons why:

A Shared Egg Donation Program Patients Can Trust

Dr. John Jain is an internationally recognized expert in fertility treatment. Patient outcomes for IVF make Santa Monica Fertility a leader nationwide for live births using donor eggs. A 65% success rate per transfer cycle means the chances of having a healthy baby even with a shared batch of eggs is very high. Every phase of the treatment from donor approval to egg recruitment, retrieval, fertilization, embryo incubation, and transfer is designed to increase the odds of success.

A Key Benefit of Our Shared Egg Donation Program – California Donors Provide Choices
shared egg donation program california
California is an excellent location for finding egg donors. With an ethnically diverse population represented in our donor databases, there is a very high likelihood of finding a donor who is a wonderful match for families from many different backgrounds. Our highly sought after donors are typically young women in their twenties who attend local universities or who have recently graduated. Those that participate in our shared egg donation cycles are proven donors who consistently supply a high number of eggs for retrieval. We are fortunate to work with five highly reputable egg donor agencies that meet the strict requirements for participation in our shared egg donation program.

Affordable Pricing Brings Treatment within Reach without Excessive Travel

Although most patients would prefer to stay in the United States for their fertility treatment, the high cost of donor egg IVF has given many couples an incentive to travel elsewhere seeking less expensive options. Our shared egg donation program brings the costs down far enough that most patients can stay at home while they pursue IVF with donor eggs. This is important for a number of reasons. Most Americans find it easier to review patient satisfaction ratings, find research data, verify credentials, and evaluate success rates for a fertility specialist in the U.S. since there are no culture or language barriers to overcome. Staying in the states also makes coordination with local physicians and carefully timed travel for fertility treatment much more feasible.

To learn more about what our shared egg donation program, California patients can schedule an in-person consultation by calling (866)-991-1990. Patients who live too far away to make this feasible may request a phone consultation. 

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