Shared Donor Egg Program at Santa Monica Fertility Clinic

Shared Donor Egg Program at Santa Monica Fertility Clinic

Key Facts about Our Shared Egg Donation Program

At Santa Monica Fertility, we are excited to offer a shared egg donation program that is one of the most successful in the country. To date, we have assisted many patients in realizing their dream of having children using this emerging technology. With a rising number of women facing fertility challenges due to delayed childbearing, we have found that sharing donor eggs is a wonderful way to help patients overcome both physical and financial obstacles to successful family building.

Why Egg Donation Matters

Infertility affects over 6 million people in the United States alone. This represents one out of every six couples of reproductive age. Of all the factors that can lead to infertility, egg factor remains the most challenging to treat with the majority of women over the age of 44 requiring egg donation to conceive. Shared egg donation is an increasingly popular IVF fertility treatment that helps patients reduce the high costs associated with traditional egg donation IVF. Instead of having intended parents bear the entire costs of the egg donation cycle, the expense is equally shared between the recipients.

shared egg donation program
At Santa Monica Fertility, we take great care in optimizing each aspect of our program to deliver the best possible results. Here are some key facts that can help you decide if this is an option you would like to explore further.

We Partner with the Best Egg Donor Agencies

There are many egg donor agencies in the Los Angeles area, but only a handful of them meet our exacting criteria for reliability, quality, and complete professionalism. We feel confident assisting our patients in selecting proven, highly desirable donors from these agencies to provide eggs for shared donation. Even after the screening performed by the agencies, Dr. Jain thoroughly examines each donor’s records and recommends only the best candidates to provide the greatest opportunity for success to our patients. We stand by this recommendation and take full financial responsibility should the donor cycle fail to reach egg retrieval.

Our Shared Egg Donation Program Supplies Sufficient Donor Eggs

At Santa Monica Fertility, we provide eight eggs to each recipient for each shared cycle. Even in the most optimal conditions, not every egg will be fertilized and develop to the correct embryonic stage for transfer. Having a full set of eight eggs typically means we have at least two embryos that can be transferred. Because the success rate for live birth is so high with donor eggs, we recommend that only one embryo be transferred at a time to avoid unintended multiples (any remaining embryos are frozen). In the event that the first embryo does not progress to a live birth, a second embryo transfer is offered at no additional cost. With a success rate of about 65% per transfer, we have a very high level of confidence that our patients will achieve their desired outcome.

We Help You Reach Your Goals Quickly

The process of IVF using donor eggs shouldn’t drag on and on. Santa Monica Fertility makes every effort to set up your initial consultation with Dr. Jain at your earliest convenience, and our egg donation coordination specialist is ready to assist you in the selection process. We don’t require you to wait until another recipient becomes involved before you move forward with planning for cycle synchronization, egg retrieval, and IVF. This makes it easier for you to schedule your fertility treatment. The process typically takes 2-3 months once your desired donor has been approved.

Our Shared Egg Donation Program Is Convenient for Non-Local Patients

If you are an out of town patient, Dr. Jain can coordinate with your local physician for monitoring and treatment until the appropriate time for you to travel to Los Angeles for embryo transfer. Frozen sperm from the father may be shipped to our clinic for use in lieu of fresh sperm to increase the convenience of egg fertilization and reduce the length of your stay.

With our shared egg donation program, patients enjoy the same personal attention, expert treatment, and outstanding results at half the cost of a traditional donor egg IVF cycle. To schedule your consultation and begin viewing donor profiles, contact us today at (866)-991-1990.

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