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Surrogacy at Santa Monica Fertility

Most intended parents are asked to independently find a surrogate through one of many surrogate agencies. This means dealing with another set of personnel, managers and attorneys. Once a surrogate candidate is found, she must still pass medical and psychological screening in order to proceed. A good percentage of surrogates fail to meet medical criteria and are discontinued at this point, requiring the intended parents to start all over again and bear additional costs.

In contrast, Santa Monica Fertility works with California Premium Surrogacy to screen and qualify surrogates for immediate matching. All surrogates undergo background checks, home study visits, medical clearance by Dr. Jain, and medical clearance by an independent High-Risk Obstetrician and Psychologist. Surrogates are also pre-screened and qualified for health insurance.

This integrative approach continues through fertility treatment into pregnancy and delivery whereby the same team continues to monitor the surrogate and interface with you and the obstetrician in order to provide a seamless and enjoyable pregnancy and birth experience.  Throughout the process, you can count on our staff to provide you with professional support and answers and to help you navigate any difficulties. One team, one seamless experience.

We are still pleased to work with patients who choose a surrogate from another surrogacy agency or find one privately. We will do our upmost to make the experience a successful one.

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