Getting Started with Shared Egg Donation

Getting started with shared egg donation involves a customized consultation to discuss patients’ goals and options. Although fertility treatment using donor eggs has a high success rate, it is not the ideal choice for every patient. Those who are the best candidates for this treatment:

  • Have poor egg quality, usually due to advanced age (40+)
  • Are in overall good physical condition
  • Do not have uterine abnormalities or other untreated reproductive health problems that could interfere with carrying a pregnancy to term
  • Are comfortable using donated reproductive material
  • Desire one or two children  using the selected donor’s eggs (sharing of eggs may limit the chances of creating sufficient high quality embryos for more than two transfer attempts)

getting started with shared egg donationGetting Started with Donor Selection for Shared Egg Donation
The next step for the intended parents is to choose a donor. We work with five highly reputable egg donor agencies in our local area, giving patients a broad range of choices. Parents have access to in-depth information about each donor to help them find candidates who are a good fit in as many ways as possible. Available data includes:

  • Medical history
  • Family health history
  • Educational background
  • Physical characteristics
  • Ethnic origins
  • A personality profile
  • Photos

Santa Monica Fertility’s donor coordinator is knowledgeable in all aspects of egg donation. She is available to help intended parents navigate each donor agency’s website in order to create a list of acceptable donor candidates.

What Are The Next Steps in Getting Started with Shared Egg Donation?

Once a short list of donors is created, Dr. Jain will review the medical records and make further recommendations, approving the most favorable donors. Each donor is carefully screened and must meet our program criteria to participate in shared egg donation. Usually, local donors with proven pregnancies and desirable characteristics who make sufficient number of eggs to share are approved.

The egg donation cycle will begin shortly after donor approval, without requiring other patients to join the cycle first. At this point, we promptly begin any remaining testing and synchronizing donor and recipient cycles. Nurses at Santa Monica Fertility work closely with all parties to be sure that everyone understands the scheduling requirements and medication instructions. This helps prevent any delays due to errors or timing problems. Once the process is started, we often complete the entire IVF cycle within two to three months of donor approval.
Are you ready to get started with a shared egg donation? Please contact our office at (866)-991-1990 to schedule a consultation and gain access to our list of approved donor agencies.

Photo Credit: Donnie Ray Jones

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