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What’s in your closet or under your sink? Some researchers are concerned about quaternary ammonium compounds in your cleaning products. Some of the most popular ones may contain these, and when used regularly these compounds may inhibit ovulation and create sperm issues. The research is controversial, and although we need more studies to show what is really going on, perhaps it is safer to use home made ore more natural cleaners when the option is available, especially if you are trying to conceive or have children in the house.

More and more researchers are concerned about the causes of infertility in this country and chemicals that we use on a day to day basis seem to be of concern. The U.S. makes potentially thousands of new chemicals a day that have yet to be thoroughly tested, and infertility is at an all time high. Although the studies are done with animals such as mice, and not humans, some scientists are still saying it is a concern. The mice, when exposed, spent less time in heat and the male mice had slower moving sperm and less concentration of sperm. Some of these chemicals may be found in make-up, and other items we purchase for our skin or bodies, not to mention laundry detergents or softners, and in pools or lumbar yards.

Although some people in the cleaning industries believe there is no concern, the questions are still out there. What does this mean for people trying to get pregnant? Read labels, go green and if you work in the industry, make sure you see your doctor if you are trying to conceive. Living a healthy lifestyle, occasional detoxes, and keeping cleaning simple at home (think vinegar and water) can help. Awareness is important when if comes to potential hurdles when dealing with infertility or subfertility.

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