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Natural Cures: Movement and Infertility

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The costs are exorbitant for medical treatments for a number of chronic diseases and health imbalances. And we are lazy. Let’s face it – if a doctor hands you a pill, a patch or a device, many Americans will chose to take that route. It’s easier, it’s right there, and it’s being recommended.

But a new study published recently in JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association) states just the opposite is true. Take for example back pain – most people start with an OTC anti-inflammatory, then jumping board to a variety of pain killers in pill form, some people moving up to opiates and stronger drugs, such as Vicodin or Toridol. (Note: Over 2 million people in the U.S. are dependent and addicted to pain killers). There are also special pillows, bands, patches, and numerous devices that patients can utilize. Then there’s take home exercises, usually learned at a PT (physical therapy) office, sort of along the lines of functional fitness. Yes, patients have to go in a learn the movements, then eventually, are encouraged to do them at home, and eventually exercise, moderately and safely, steadily to keep the muscles strong, flexible, and supportive. The study concludes that doctors and patients need to encourage patients to not baby themselves with devices, which may keep muscles weak, or take pills, which mask or numb pain but never heal the issue, but to be proactive, move and gain strength, strengthening the area that is weak. This does more to correct dysfunction than anything else, according to JAMA.

How does this effect infertility? Many fertility specialists and researchers agree, healing the local and hormonal issues involved in the case of subfertility can be beneficial and may even help the couple to get pregnant naturally, without intervention or medications. And if it cannot create the setting for a natural foundation, it may increase a woman’s chances of getting pregnant with some additional help, such as IUI, IVF or ICSI, with or without donor egg, donor sperm or surrogacy.  What are some ways women can get started with local or hormonal healing? Movement. Exercising moderately  increases circulation, balances hormones, reduces stress and helps women to maintain proper weight levels, BMIs and blood glucose levels. Move blood flow means less stagnation, and in the long run, that means less masses (think fibroids, cysts, etc.). If a patient is no interested in doing their “homework” and incorporating therapeutic movement at home, they can opt for yoga classes, private yoga classes in home, or acupuncture therapy. Acupuncture allows the patient to completely let go and rest, while the treatment does the work, increasing circulation, releasing endorphins (the feel good chemicals) and balancing hormones, leaving women in a more optimally fertile place than they were before.

If you have any questions about infertility, fertility preservation or tools that can help people who are trying to conceive get pregnant more quickly, feel free to call us – we are always happy yo help!

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