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Stress is a Disease State: Heal Your Stress – Heal Your Infertility

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couple inhalingStress is a state of dis-ease. When we are over whelmed, over stimulated (the average person in the U.S. checks their phone over 200 times a day), and over worked, we are in a stress state. It’s our response to our life. Do we have any control over how we respond to life? Biology states that our system lets the fight-or-flight adrenaline-cortisol system handles how we deal with stress.

But what can we do when we feel negative emotions and stress, like anger or fear? How can we get our stress under control & create more fertility & vitality?

1.) Breathing.

Sitting down with your back straight and breathe slowly, with your gut, for 3 minutes. This can interrupt this stress state, and immediately bring you back to reality. This can not only help to ease the situation, your reaction to the situation and your experience, but it can shift your CNS (central nervous system) and allow your body to give to your fertility instead of your stress-state. Our bodies naturally shift down our reproductive system when we are stressed out. When we get our stress and negative emotions under control, especially through something so cheap and easy as breathing, we can get our bodies back on track and take our energy and funnel it into our reproductive system, create more fertility and make you feel good. It may feel like a hassle or trite to slow down an breath, but in reality, it’s a more of a hassle to not get pregnant for most people trying to conceive, build their fertility, and create a healthy baby.

2.) Unnatural foods.

You are what you eat. We build our cells with what we give our body. So what are you giving your body? What are you choosing to give to your cells to work with? Doritos? Great. Ok once a year that may not kill you, but over time, you are bathing your cells in whatever Doritos are actually made with (which may indeed be an ancient secret). Give your body a chance. Give it a chance to use strong, healthy building blocks so that your uterine lining, your glands, your hormones, your ovaries and what eggs are left. Don’t become a fanatic. Any extreme is not good. Think balance. Paleo? Vegetarian? Organic? Get picky about the quality above all. Ice cold and raw? Overly cooked? Basic, simple food combination and being mindful can go a long way and help with the American tradition of convenient eating vs eating to build your body and health.

3.) Early Bedtime.

Most of us love to take advantage of electricity and stay up late watching shows, entertaining ourselves or blowing of steam in whatever fashion we want. Sleep studies show that our bodies do the most work between 10pm and 2am, including our adrenal glands, kidneys and liver. What do these organs and glands do that have anything to do with fertility? A lot. They play a huge role in synthesizing hormones, creating high quality blood, synchronizing our systems and making sure they function well, especially the reproductive system and our fertility. if you want to protect your fertility and enhance it, protect your bedtime. Try shutting down the machines and the lights around 9:30/10pm so that you can reap the benefits of high-quality sleep – not sleeping 8 or 9 hours but getting the highest quality of sleep by getting your body into bed by 10pm, and watch your energy, sex drive and fertility thrive.

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