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Dealing with Fertility Depression

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Many women in their twenties, thirties, forties and even fifties look forward to trying for a child, and think nothing will hold them back from their dreams of being a mother. However, about 1 in 6 people now will struggle to become pregnant with a healthy child, leaving many women and men frustrated, and often exhausted, with decision-making around infertility treatments and which path to take on their journey towards parenthood.

Some women and men get depressed as the journey can take a long time, and can be filled with disappointment along the way. Mix in some financial challenges and heavy choices about medications or procedures or options, and it can be downright hellish.  Most women end up needing support along the way. And often, many women turn to their husbands or their friends, and this can be quite helpful. But often the depression or associated anxiety can be come severe or unbearable. In the United States, doctors will often prescribe anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications to ease the intensely negative emotional experiences during this time, but when one is trying to get pregnant, this might not always be the healthiest decision, depending on the exact situation and person – everyone is different.

The first thing someone should do if they are experiencing what they think might be depression, anxiety or extreme frustration, is tell their doctor. Both their fertility doctor (a reproductive endocrinologist, or an RE) will need to know these things to better help. Telling your GP as well as getting a referral to talk with a fertility psychologist should also happen immediately.  But what are some other options? Many women turn to support groups, and fertility supporters such as fertility psychologists, and fertility acupuncturists, who often offer support, guidance, help with decisions and education, along with spiritual and emotional support. The fertility acupuncture treatments do tow things. They simultaneously enhance one’s health and fertility, balancing hormones and modulating immunity among other systems, bringing the body into homeostasis, while they also calm the CNS (central nervous system) and reduce systematic inflammation, which of both are highly in charge of stress responses and feelings of depression and anxiety.  Using fertility acupuncture often significantly lowers feelings of anxiety and depression while creating an body and mind optimized for fertility and conception. This kind of dual-acting pre-conception care not only preps the body and mind and spirit of the people who are prepping for baby, but also helps with an easier pregnancy, labor & delivery, a healthier child, and drastically reduces the chances of postpartum depression!

If you or someone you love is struggling with depression while they are trying to conceive, feel free to call us and ask questions – we are always happy to help you and your family and friends on their path to parenthood! Our expert team is always happy to answer any fertility questions you may have!

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