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Fertile New Year’s Resolutions

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So ya. We’re reeling towards a new year, with this Saturday being New Years Eve and this Sunday being the first of a hopefully wonderful year, the ever-awaited 2017. And hopefully, despite one’s political orientations, a better one.  New years are often times for fresh starts, new beginnings and a whole slew of resolutions. January is the time of year where everybody is back in the gym, people participate in “dry January” and some of us even swear off sugar or caffeine for a few months..until it hits you. You’re at a birthday party or a wedding and there’s something on your dreaded “no can do” list. And it’s over. And since you’re not seeing any results at the gym, or maybe your physical or mental or spiritual goals aren’t being met, you throw in the towel, and let it go.

Don’t give up. I know, it’s not so easy. But you have to love your future life or goal more than you love  [sitting on the couch / eating a bag of cookies / downing something you know will negatively effect your body, mind & soul]. It’s hard when it just boils down to willpower or weakness, but one thing that is a huge motivator and very effective is emotion. Emotion and inspiration are some of the biggest motivators we can have. So what motivates you? What inspires you? Is it playing your favorite tune and dancing every morning to get in some movement and release some endorphins? Is it indulging in that massage or facial that you know relaxes you to your core? Sex? Shopping? Ok maybe it’s something more intellectual, like a good book. Or connecting with someone you love dearly who makes you smile. Or just thinking about that goal and seeing how wonderful it will feel once it’s accomplished. Whatever it is, go for it. Emotions, feelings and inspiration are the elixir for getting out of old patterns, stagnation and going after what you want in life.

So if you’re in the middle of seeing your fertility doctor and getting testing done, don’t give up. If you’re getting fertility acupuncture treatments and doing stress-free activities, don’t give up. if you’re eating a fertility diet full of awesome, healthy vegetables and fruits and fats and proteins, do not give up! The importance and constancy of maintaining regular treatments and lifestyles is paramount and helps us to optimize fertility and create the best environment possible for getting pregnant, in as healthy a way as possible.

If you have any questions about TTC (trying to conceive) and fertility treatments and tools, feel free to call our office in Santa Monica – we are always happy to help you on your path to parenthood!

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