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Time Moves Fast: Creating Healthy Habits & Fertility

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It’s almost February (yes, we know). Have you been sticking to your New Year’s resolution? Or have you decided to not just quit something terrible for you, as if it were lent, but go beyond the 40 days and maybe form a…new habit? Make a lifestyle change?

If you are trying to implement some long-term health and fertility changes, here are some tips from habit experts from around the world!

1.) KISS

Most of us know that the acronym KISS stands for “Keep It Simple Stupid.” And it’s true. Pick one thing, and one thing only. Then do it. Don’t pick 4 things to quit and 7 classes to add in and 2 tasks. Just. One. This way, after about thirty days, it will actually become a habit. If you are TTC (trying to conceive) the first thing we often recommend is increasing folate. Starting a pre-natal vitamin and getting in plenty of foods that have folate in them. Dark leafy greens, citrus & avocado are great choices.

2.) Do It for One Month Minimum

It takes about 7 weeks to get a habit going strong, but none of it sticks if you don’t do it for at least 30 days. Usually one month is all it takes to make something habitual. If you are trying to conceive, and are looking to add something in, try deep breathing (or, meditation). Set the timer on your phone for 5 minutes. Guaranteed, a few days in, you’ll be cranking the timer to 20 minutes because you’ll be so in love with this stress-busting habit!

3.) Create a Behavior Chain

Don’t make a habit based on an “if”, or context. Make it based on your schedule. For example, say you are trying to eat healthier and do a fertility-friendly diet. Your habit might be, “if I was able to pack my lunch for work, I will make sure it has plenty of vegetables in it.” Which is nice. But, “I will pack y lunch for work and make sure there is a minimum of one fruit and one veggie serving in eat package” is a little more specific. Connecting the habit to a daily time or task can help your brain to not rely on willpower, but to rely on scheduling and regular, daily things that will happen, like eating at a certain time.

If you have any questions about healthy habits & trying to conceive, fertility or infertility treatments, feel free to call us at Santa Monica Fertility. We are always happy to help you on your path to parenthood!


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