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3 Things You Can Do To Enhance Your Fertility Now

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If you are TTC (trying to conceive) there may be a few things you need to examine and change in order to increase your chances of conception right away. Although certain foods and lifestyle changes may be controversial depending on who you talk to, there are a few things that are always a good idea, that often people ignore or are not aware of.

Water: We all know it’s good for us, but picture your body as a piece of land – if the river in the center has run dry, how will the blood get to the rest of the body to give nutrients to the organs? Drinking more water especially if you are thirsty can help improve cellular health, and it can help your work-life as well, forcing you to get up and get water and use the restroom, which will get the blood moving – another great thing for fertility.

Artificial Sweeteners: If you do have an excessive sweet tooth, and you are trying to cut out sugar, don’t always substitute sugar with aspartame or other artificial sweeteners – try going without, or take a different approach to eating – make sure you are full all of the time (again, drinking water helps here) so that you do no actually want to eat any sweets or sweet beverages. You can try doing any other beverages with a small amount of honey, but piling in the aspartame is not recommended as it may interfere with hormone production and be a hormone disrupter, holding back a couples chances of conceiving.

Tofu: Unless you have an estrogen deficiency and are advised to eat tofu by your fertility doctor or fertility health care provider, minimizing your consumption of processed soy can help one’s fertility – both for men and for women. Make sure your hormones are tested if you are trying to get pregnant, and if you do have a love for soy, for for tempeh (a big hit with vegetarians) or edamame, the least processed form of soy. Loading up on tofu or soy milk or powders may increase phytoestrogenic activity in some individuals, potentially throwing off one’s fertility.

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Water: You are what you drink. Avoid drinks that have additives and go for pure, filtered, non-bottled water everyday.

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