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5 Ways to Enhanced Fertility

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1 – Move It: That sweet spot of movement and rest is important. While running and training for marathons may leave you depleted and give your brain the wrong idea about what your goals are (winning a race vs conception), keeping your weight within normal levels impacts your fertility greatly. If you are not exercising, consider adding in a 30 minute per day walk. If you are overweight or have PCOS or other uterine factor fertility issues, work with your health care provider to decide what is best for you. Not only will this help with conception, but you’ll feel better to boot.

2- Ditch the Liquor: Studies show too much liquor can reduce fertility for both men and women. Alcohol can interfere with menstrual cycles, ovulation for women, and it can reduce testosterone and damage sperm for men.  For men drinking too much can reduce testosterone levels, leading to loss of libido. It’s generally recommended that women have no more than one drink and men no more than two, so if you are going to imbibe, be sure to stick to the healthy limits! And be sure to stay hydrated. Alcohol reduces fluids available for cervical mucus, which helps protect sperm and get them to the egg on time and in tact.

3 – Dietary Choices:  Besides avoiding toxic or synthetic foods, add in folic acid rich foods that help with egg and sperm quality, uterine lining, and hormones. Add in these superfoods to enhance fertility and decrease the risk of miscarriages:

1.) Brussel Sprouts

2.) Sprouts

3.) Beets

4.) Sweet Potatoes

5.) Nuts & Seeds

6.) Raw, organic dairy (in small amounts)

7.) Berries

8.) Organic veggies & dark leafy greens – cooked

4 – Business time: Get intimate as often as you like with your partner to increase the chances of conception and make sure you are not missing ovulation. Most doctors recommend 203 times per week if possible. Sperm can live for up to 5 days and since ovulation can be tricky to track, having sex before ovulation is recommended.

5 – See an RE: If you have been trying for 6 months with no pregnancy, it’s time to talk to your Ob/gyn or schedule an appointment with an RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist). It may even be worth getting checked out before you start trying. Many fertility issues are silent and don’t show up on basic tests that one would get through their Ob/gyn or GP, leaving couples feeling confused and frustrated. The peace of mind alone from seeing a doctor and knowing what is going on may in and of itself enhance your fertility by reducing stress and helping you pinpoint what you need to do to get pregnant this year.




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