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Dr.Jain and Dr. Hill – Egg Freezing!

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Watch Dr. Jain freeze Dr. Allison Hill’s eggs for future pregnancies on the Discover Channel’s “Deliver Me” television show, via Discovery Health! In 2008 Dr. Hill, Dr.Jain’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his two children, asked her ex, one of the leading experts and top fertility specialists in the world, if he would consider freezing her eggs for her just in case she wanted to have more children in the future. Dr. John Jain, MD, of Santa Monica Fertility, happily agreed!

Many women freeze their eggs, especially if they are not ready to get pregnant, and are in their late twenties or early thirties. But some women, even women who have already had children, may want more kids. Even women in their thirties and forties freeze their eggs (although the chances of those eggs working goes down with age). For Dr. Allison Hill, this is a great back-up plan.  And Dr.Jain agrees, as the technology is a good option, although never a guarantee. Allison is now on the table looking up instead of the other way around. The retrieval goes smoothly with 23 eggs retrieved – a great number to freeze for later use, when and if she decides to create a family with someone later on in life.

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