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Endometriosis & Infertility

Posted by: Santa Monica Fertility   •   Categories: Trying to Conceive,

What is endometriosis?  While most women with endometriosis experience pain with their periods, some get it before, after, or the whole cycle.  Some women may experience longer periods, more PMS symptoms, their GI may be effected (bowel movements or urination changes), nausea, and sometimes infertility can be a result of endometriosis.

Scarring and tissue changes from endometriosis can do damage to the reproductive tract, and sometimes women have zero symptoms, only finding out while they are TTC or during their pregnancy, and still others go their whole lives without knowing they have it, and without it interfering with their lives.

If you are experiencing pain, either during your menstrual cycle or throughout your cycle, please tell your doctor – whether it’s your ob/gyn, GP or RE (reproductive endocrinologist). The more information you and your doctor have, the better decisions you will make in preparation for becoming pregnant, as well as during the fertility and TT (trying to conceive) process!


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