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Infertility Tip: Eat Like You’re Pregnant, Before You’re Pregnant

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It is tempting to think that you can let healthy eating worries go to the wind when you start trying to get pregnant. People say, “you’ll be eating for two soon, so just eat what you want.” However, research shows that it is very important to eat healthily while you are trying to conceive. During this time, your body needs good nutrition to increase your chances of getting pregnant, stay healthy and happy, and promote the health of your future baby

If people are telling you that you don’t have to start eating healthy until after you conceive, it’s time to set the record straight. Here are four reasons why now (during the trying to conceive stage) is the best time to start eating like you’re pregnant.
  1. You will maintain a healthier weight if you are paying attention to nutrition prior to and during pregnancy.  This will make it easier to get back to your pre-pregnancy rate or maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy and gain the proper amount of weight.
  2. Drinking excessive alcohol or eating too many sweets can have a negative impact on fertility. Alcohol, drugs, and excess weight will have an impact on your hormone level, which in turn affect your fertility.
  3. Not getting sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals prior to conception can possibly increase your child’s risk of certain health problems. This is why doctors advise women to take a prenatal vitamin throughout their entire fertile years, or at least for the 12 months prior to starting to try to get pregnant.
  4. If you eat healthily prior to your pregnancy and have a generally healthy lifestyle, you will be less likely to develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy or have other related complications during pregnancy or after pregnancy.
It takes most couples up to a year to become pregnant; for many couples it will take longer and the process may involve some fertility treatments. If you let healthy eating slide during this time then you can have increased problems later on and you will be developing a lifestyle that is not a good role model for your child to follow.
Eating the way you would eat during pregnancy is really just basic good healthy eating. You should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, some healthy complex carbohydrates, and avoid simple sugars as much as possible. If you get in the habit of eating this way now then you will have a healthier lifestyle in the years ahead.
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