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Intercourse Frequency & Your Fertility

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We all know that having intercourse during ovulation can increase one’s chances of conceiving, about two weeks before your next expected menstrual cycle (usually cycle day 14 of a 28 day cycle), but did you know that having sex outside of your ovulation window can also increase your chances? Research has shown that having sex can boost female fertility, and a new study from the University of Indiana has found that having sex at any time outside of ovulation can also increase a woman’s overall fertility.

More and more doctors agree that when trying naturally to conceive, having sex as much as the couple likes is helpful, and there is no need to follow a rigid protocol of every 3 days, or other approaches. Moreover, UI’s research shows that intercourse helps the body to build certain types of immunity that are beneficial for conception; specifically, changes in helper T cells and the proteins T cells need to communicate, as well as increased shifts in antibodies, like immunoglobulins.

Researches suspected intercourse outside of ovulation was helpful for TTC (trying to conceive), but no one could pin point just why this was the case – this research is the first of it’s kind to help us understand why getting it on is good for getting pregnant, and for immune system regulation. Women that are sexually active in some ways are priming themselves for pregnancy – a sort of pre-conception care.

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