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“Manopause” & Infertility

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As men and women age, our hormones change and diminish, leaving us weaker, fatter and less sharp. We’ve all heard of menopause and “the shift” women go through, sometimes as early as their thirties! But how many people have experienced “manopause”? Apparently, a lot. It’s enough of an issue, with symptoms of weight gain and fatigue, that men are even getting hormone therapy for it. But is it safe? The FDA hasn’t approved testosterone therapy yet, but businesses are popping up all over the country offering testosterone therapies to help men get through this phase of disease, disharmony and in many cases, infertility. But does just dumping testosterone good for sperm? Not necessarily. Some low-T therapies can actually make  it worse. Testosterone supposedly elevates mood and increases energy, so it may be a good replacement from patients who’s doctor is thinking about prescribing them an antidepressant such as Zoloft, depending on the case. But are men taking this even with normal or slightly lower testosterone levels, even thought that is a completely normal part of aging and isn’t considered unhealthy? Many clinics say they will treat whoever walks in the door.

If you are a man and think you might be suffering from low testosterone see your doctor, endocrinologist or fertility specialist and get a the thorough blood work and tests needed to solve the issue. And if you are a man who is trying to conceive and increase sperm count, jumping to off-label, non-FDA-approved meds may not be in your best interest. Talk to your doctor first, and try other, less dangerous, more supportive avenues, such as acupuncture & traditional Chinese medicine, where practitioners help guide patients towards foods that help sperm production and help them steer clear of foods and supplements that may be in fact hurting them, along with educating patients about exercises, supplements and other tools and tips that can help a man start making stellar swimmers, increasing energy and sex-drive to boot!

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